56 million! Super price contract exposure Ibrahimovic invited Manchester United vs. Chelsea

Ibrahimovic will leave Paris Saint-Germain in the summer, his future also caused a Premier League and Super League team's attention. According to the British "Sky Sports" report, there are now super team to Ibrahimovic out of 56 million pounds, a two-year contract price. However, Ibrahimovic seems more inclined to join the Premier League club.

Ibrahimovic and Paris large contract to expire this summer, after the Swedish god tower has announced that he will not renew and Greater Paris, which means that Ibrahimovic will become a free agent this summer. Today, the club intends to invite Ibrahimovic has been launched to get people to act. Just before, Ibrahimovic's agent Raiola confirmed that they had received a super team offer. He said: "At present continents have given the team Ibrahimovic offer, but I can not disclose the specific team, but which relate to the Chinese team, it is also a huge offer we are discussing."

Today, the "Sky Sports" further revealed that Ibrahimovic super team to offer very generous, the total price of 56 million pounds, the contract period of two years. Such fat around, Premiership teams are difficult to open out. But Super team wants to get Ibrahimovic does not seem easy, God tower prefer to join the Premier League. Earlier, Ibrahimovic has said in an interview that his physical condition but also adapt to the Premiership. In addition, the Swedish media revealed that Ibrahimovic wanted to stay in Europe's top leagues to play in his preferred destination would be the Premiership.

Spain "OKdiario" is revealed, Ibrahimovic to get interested in their Premiership giants have been proposed his wage demands - the total price of 40 million euros salary contract, or about 267,000 pounds weekly. Today, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United are interested to get Ibrahimovic. Among them, perhaps the only Manchester United and Chelsea can afford high wages Ibrahimovic.

Of course, now Ibrahimovic's strength remains the top this season, he played 39 times for the Paris of the tournament, scored as many as 35 balls. Such efficiency, to prove that he is still one of the most outstanding football today several big striker. Like Ibrahimovic said, 34 years of age is not a problem, because of his physical condition is still good.

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