Chinese consortium 700 million acquisition of AC Milan! It is the Chinese people


Just announced Miha class, Brocchi incoming AC Milan may also throw a heavy bomb more! Italian media broke the news that the President of AC Milan's Silvio Berlusconi is preparing to walk away, the club at a price of around 600 million euros for the sale of the whole Chinese consortium.

August last year, AC Milan is that Thai businessmen to discuss Mr. bee Milan € 480 million acquisition of 48% stake matters, but the Thais dragged on, the acquisition has now been completed there is no hope.

However, according to "Turin Sports Daily" exclusive report, club owner Silvio Berlusconi plans to completely get out AC Milan, it will be sold to a Chinese consortium as a whole, its price will be around 600 million euros. It is reported that the transaction will be divided into two parts, the first Chinese consortium will pay 300 million euros to give half ownership of the club, and then pay another 300 million euros in the future, the overall acquisition of the club, after the completion of the second payment will be completely Berlusconi withdraw.

According to reports, the first € 300 million will be paid immediately in the near future, then 300 million is expected to be paid in 2018, then Chinese people completely become AC Milan's owner. Reported that the Chinese side is ready to seriously deal, Berlusconi hope that after the sale of the club to retain a position of honorary chairman for themselves, but Italian media said the two Chinese people will be in the club of absolute sovereignty.

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