General: Real Madrid win La Liga goal in the Champions League + Zizou hope to continue as coach

Real Madrid staged a miracle at home, after a wonderful reversal Wolfsburg semi-finals six consecutive years, Real Madrid general Benzema said Galacticos goal to win the league championship with the Champions League.

Benzema believes that Real Madrid have a chance to win the championship and La Liga champions, he said: "I am pleased the team reached the semi-finals, this is the perfect night we feel great, the fans gave us great support in the game. thanks to them, we realized reversed. we are very happy, this is a good game. we have a lot of good players in the squad, we will fight to the last minute. let us continue to fight, to win the Champions League with La Liga champions. "

Benzema for coach Zidane praised Canada, he said:. "This is also Zidane's success I very much respect him, he gave me a lot of confidence I said before, just like Zidane is a godfather. he is now my coach, I get along with him very well. "

"We beat Wolfsburg, I am very happy for him. He deserves this success. Of course, I hope to continue as Real Madrid coach Zidane. He proved to everyone that he is not only an excellent player, is also an excellent coach. "

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