Pei Shuai shelling Manchester City seek death: coaching change led to win hopeless melon handsome lying gun


Premier League about to enter the final closing stages, big black Mallett Manchester City still led the way, while Manchester City, Arsenal and other top teams have been left behind. Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini will believe that the biggest reason why Manchester City missed the title race is the team in February announced Guardiola took over the team next season message, which seriously affected the Manchester City player mentality.

Little hope for the title race to Manchester City reasons Pellegrini own analysis: "because of various reasons, we lost a lot of important games in February, two face Leicester City and Tottenham lose, we fall out of the ranks of the title race. lose very frustrating, because we did not expect to lose. "

Pei Shuai continued: "At the beginning of February, the team announced the coaching change message, and then they heard a lot of players do not stay with the team next season rumors, a lot of things have greatly affected the mentality of the players. for the players, when the news of what will happen next season you read in the newspapers, everywhere who would come, who would go the rumors, you want to correct response is not easy. "for Pellegrini remarks, "the Sun" interpret this as "Pellegrini told Manchester City, when they announced that Guardiola became coach, the opportunity to champion the already slipped away."

Pellegrini also believes that this season the team's injury problems restricted the stable performance of the team, he said: "Not just within Debu Lao, and Aguero, Silva, Kompany have been the impact of injuries and we have a very strong team, but in addition to the season's first five games, these players will be no appearances together. "

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