Enrique: Barcelona holding the title race initiative Pique: lose because of bad luck

After the second goal we are trying to lose towards the positive side, in fact, we also performed well, except in terms of efficiency, completely overwhelmed Barcelona Valencia. 3 minutes away, in fact, if victory fell on our side is completely fair. "

Enrique also said: "This campaign is elusive, it allows you to attack without also winning if we win the next five games, was able to become a champion on the current situation is. this is a very difficult challenge, and now we have Lady luck does not smile. destiny is still in our own hands, we must face head high next game. "

Enrique showed confidence: "We need five wins, If anyone can do it, it can only Barcelona but today is not to criticize my players when today should praise them." Match, TU Rick did not first substitution, which Barca coach explained:. "replaced the field some of the players is not fair, they played better than the opponent," for personal future, Enrique chose to avoid: "I am only interest in the team. "

Pique Pique is still confident of winning still confident of victory
Barcelona is more general Pique said:. "We can do everything the team has zero worry, we can look up to leave, so we can win the league championship play so bad luck is unbelievable team played well. In fact I'd rather lose the game play so instead of playing to win bad. "

But Pique also said: "Now we have no room for error, and has run out of space, but today we are very good in all aspects, it feels different, then we can normally 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 victory now Barcelona. can still rely on their own, which helped us to move forward. to win, we need everything. it looks like we took a step back, but the team played well, the state of mental help. the ball just did not want it into the net. "

Roberto said: "I would rather have five games remaining so kick, so I believe we can play to win the football against Barcelona unfair if the team was unable to create opportunities that worrying, however. Barca created a lot of scoring opportunities. heartbreaking to lose, but if we can be like playing against Valencia this so that we can feel at ease. "

Rakitic after the game said: "Let us defeat sad, because we should not be subjected to such treatment we have attitude, fighting spirit, a lot of scoring opportunities, but the ball did not want to network opposite Valencia lucky, they have. our lack of luck, because they made a mere several attacks on two goals, and the game from the 50th minute onwards wait for the referee blew the final whistle. "

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