Too early, right? Western media: Golden Globes dispute C Luo and Messi the lead


Recently, Real Madrid with Barcelona two teams in stark contrast. Galacticos triumph, Barca have lost the Champions League, the league three straight. Two teams headed star C Lo Messi with stark contrast, C Lo consecutive break, Messi just breaking ball shortage, made his first 500 balls.

Spanish media, "Marca" means, C Luo excellent condition, with this contrast, Neymar with Messi played very struggle. Over the past few months in good form Real Madrid, C Luo again in the Golden Globes we achieved a leading position.

In fact, before Barca as well.

In early January this year, the Zurich Golden Globes, Messi with Neymar with a successful season on the podium, accompanied by this name as well as the Portuguese star C Lo. Not surprisingly, Messi won the Golden Globe Award for his career, Block 5, Neymar also made history, for the first time among the top three Golden Globes. C Luo Zecheng to a supporting role.

"Marca" means, C Luo catch up "Marca" means, C Luo catch up
At that time, the feeling is not just Barcelona won the Champions League, they have the strength to copy Triple Crown honor. Fast forward three months, however, everything changed.

On Wednesday, Barcelona Atletico Madrid in the Champions League was eliminated, the whole team dropped to a low point, but subsequently lost to Valencia in the league, which increased the suffering of Barcelona. Before leading Barcelona Atletico advantage of up to 9 points, and now the two teams on an equal footing, to rely on the outcome of the relationship between Barcelona ranked first. Originally early without Real Madrid's title hopes, but also caught up step by step, just one point behind Barcelona.

Any moment, the dispute will never escape the Golden Globe Massey, C Luo two ace players. It now appears that, C Lo prevail.

Recently, Messi Injured game, no increase in the number of goals, C Luo will shine, both in La Liga and in the Champions League. Champions League second leg match with Wolfsburg, C Ronaldo hat-trick to help Real Madrid achieve successful comeback.

As for the Golden Globe, this is an individual award, considering that the player more high light moment, considering he followed the club won the honor. At the recent national derby, C Luo scored the winning goal, which undoubtedly makes him popular.

When the C Luo slowly get more success, Neymar with Messi will need to seize the last six games to win the last two major titles - with the Spanish King's Cup.

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