Deserve! Arsenal do not deserve to win the biggest weakness has been reduced to the Premiership countdown

Arsenal lose yourself the best chance to win! It is almost the British media for the Gunners this season, the impact of the weak performance of the championship consensus. "Sun" statistics pointed out that since the New Year, Arsenal in their own home seven games lost by 10 points at home a shot on goal conversion rate ranked third in the Premier League top 20, this team rely on to champion?

Specifically, since the New Year, Arsenal in the Premier League home record of only 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Wherein the home loss to Chelsea and Swansea, Southampton and Crystal Palace also draw, lost 10. This led directly to Arsenal out of the title race group. The more desperate the data is bad at home to Arsenal's offensive efficiency, the team in seven home only harvested nine goals Goal in the conversion rate has dropped by 9% in the same period of the Premier League top 20 ranked third, just above 6% and 8% of Waterford Crystal Palace, home of such performance, what about the title race ah?

Wenger buy a top striker Wenger buy a top striker

Weak front has become a fatal weakness Arsenal this season. Whether Giroux, Sanchez or Welbeck, Walcott, can not solve this problem. Earlier another Premiership striker efficiency rankings, Sanchez, Walcott and Giroux in inefficient strikers are also ranked in the list, which makes gunman very embarrassing.

Legendary England striker Alan - Shearer guest in BBC programs in sharply pointed out: "Arsenal will never win until they buy a top-level, world-class striker, 25, 30 can be a ball into the kind of season." now I do not know whether such a dismal record can stimulate Wenger this summer ho hit a top striker.

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