Moratti:! Inter election Benitez is a mistake to live in terror


Spain Benitez marshal now class from Real Madrid, who removed the multinational league coach has also coached Serie A giants Inter Milan, but the former Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti himself said, when selecting Benitez "is a mistake we were really living in a horrible atmosphere. "

Benitez and now Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini Benitez and now Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini

After 2010, Mourinho led Inter Milan to win the Triple Crown leave, Benitez became the successor, although then won the Italian Super Cup and the Club World Cup, Benitez still sadly after six months class, Moratti said, "in my opinion, is a mistake to hire Benitez, he is a master, but along the way between the different teams, style, and so have a lot of different."

Moratti continued, "is that we were living in a horrible atmosphere, we had to carefully, so as not to offend anyone, then you do not see any team really enthusiastic, passionate and often the team can get the final victory. I always tell my players to enjoy football, but Benitez's team coach under the lack of it is this, and then we started alongside Leonardo, I think he is one of the best coaches I have experienced, he is a very wise man, a good manager and coach. "

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