The top ten most profitable football team: Manchester United, Real Madrid swept the top two Barcelona 6


Football industry becomes more and more able to make money? In accordance with well-known financial magazine "Forbes" is calculated, now the world's top football clubs profitability has been second only to the United States Football League clubs, ranked second in the world.

Increasingly high broadcast revenue, more fire jersey sales, coupled with the implementation of the new rules of fair competition, so that world football's elite club profitability getting stronger. According to "Forbes" statistics, 2014-15 season, the world's 10 most profitable clubs, earned a total of $ 1.1 billion (factor taxes, interest, depreciation, and the players installment transactions not calculated).

NFL 10 the most profitable club in 2014 earned $ 1.3 billion, although the football club can not be compared with football, but better than the MLB, MLB's top 10 to earn a total of 489 million dollars.

In this list, Manchester United topped $ 190 million profit, although the Red Devils struggled on the court, but to earn money from them is not ambiguous. Real Madrid ranked second $ 162 million, is not surprising, Barcelona $ 108 million and ranked only sixth. It is worth mentioning that the top 10 teams in the Premier League to occupy five, in addition to Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur. Juventus are the only Serie A club a top ten, they ranked seventh with $ 81 million profit, which depends on them to win the Serie A title in that season, into the European Cup final. Bundesliga side, Bayern Munich $ 60 million profit ranked 10th, while Schalke earned $ 67 million higher than a Bayern.

"Forbes" Top 10 most profitable clubs (in US $):

1. Manchester United 190 million

2. Real Madrid 162 million

3. Manchester 131 million

4. Arsenal 122 million

5. Liverpool 115 million

6. Barcelona 108 000 000

7. Juventus 81 million

8. Tottenham 73 million

9. Schalke 67 million

10. Bayern 60 million

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