Mike Mussina was stabbed former comrade in arms: he will destroy the traditional left Manchester United Van Gundy


Mourinho took over Manchester United in the summer news intensified, the former Chelsea technical director Frank - Arnesen told "Manchester Evening News" interview then expressed his concern that if he appointed Mourinho as coach of Manchester United, it means that past traditions and philosophy will be completely overturned. Arnesen also insisted that Manchester United should be more than a year's time to give Louis van Gaal.

Although Arnesen Mourinho believes Manchester United have the ability to lead successful, but Mike Mussina treat players the way you do not agree Arnesen. He said: "Mourinho is very demanding, and sometimes I think the players will not stand he led would do some very drastic changes, it also made him pay the price if Mourinho substituted Fan. What happens Gal? Manchester United's philosophy will be completely abandoned, but maybe now they desire a quick and successful. "

Arnesen Arnesen support support Van Gaal Van Gaal to stay in office

Arnesen still think Manchester United should leave Van Gaal since Van Gaal's coaching philosophy more in line with the requirements of Manchester United. Arnesen said: "Van Gaal can not buy all the players he wants, so he suffered a dilemma now, however, promoted young players, he has done very well I think Manchester United should at least give him a. years. "

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