Zidane: I sometimes regret not change C Ronaldo rest he always wanted to play the game

Faced with strong in Villarreal, Real Madrid eventually rely on Benzema, who scored in the 3-0 home win over rivals Barcelona continued hot pursuit pace with Atletico. But so Real Madrid fans worry scene took place in the race, C Luo injured at the last moment, he walked straight into the locker room. After the press conference, confirmed that Zidane C Lo unwell.

Zidane said: "The last time C Lo feel uncomfortable, I think more of a false alarm, the situation is not serious, but now I was unable to speak out more details I do not think the situation will be C Lo. very serious, particularly when we confirmed after inspection. when C Lo left the court, I'm not sure his injury. after the locker room after the examination, I feel at ease a little down. "

About the game, Zidane said: "The team from the first minute the game is phenomenal performance which is almost a perfect game we created opportunities, impeccable defensive end, we played a approximation. perfect game. "

About Real Madrid's title hopes, Zidane said: ".. After today, nothing changes we will continue our football, our philosophy continues to move on."

About C Ronaldo, Zidane said:. "C Luo gave the team a lot of help, far beyond the imagination of the outside world is not limited to his goal, he brought the idea for the team, also brought defense. "

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