Barcelona can not blame the downturn can be confident Neymar won the double


Thursday, Barcelona striker Suarez took part in a charity event, and accept the media interview. In the interview, Suarez believes Barcelona will be Liga champions, and said fans should not blame Neymar.

La Liga champions for the trend, Suarez said: "We are now in the top position, I believe we will clinch the La Liga trophy we are the only team to grasp the initiative of the team, but other teams want to win. we must look at the face, and the other team would not win this idea appeared in my head. If the team can get double, then this season is still very successful and wonderful. "

Neymar recently criticized the media and fans, Suarez also come forward to defend their teammates: "We are people, not machines, our state will inevitably be ups and downs, his reproach will hurt me, because he is my friends when we won all the titles last year, nobody said it was Neymar a person's credit, so that some time ago his team's slump is not a person's fault. "

Suarez With this the last game of the big four in the 1996-97 season, Ronaldo surpassed create scoring record of 48 goals, which he said he felt very honored: "to go beyond such legendary Ronaldo, I am very pride and honor, because he is Barcelona and world football have made a very large contribution that can overtake him for me really is a great honor. "

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