Emissaries arrived! Inter Milan 2 Chelsea poaching was the main chasing the Argentina international

This season the Champions League for Inter Milan has been very difficult to compete, and now the Nerazzurri need to consider is the summer signings, but this summer is likely to have the players to leave.

Italian media said Conti sent his assistant expedition week against Genoa Inter Milan's game, the goal is Genoa and Inter Milan striker Pavone Laity winger Perry Milicic, guard Murillo.

Conti will leave the Italian national team after the 2016 European Cup in France, he will become Chelsea coach, "Rome sports daily," said Conti sent assistant ScS game has two purposes, for Paavo Leticia, it is to examine him is there strength in the European Cup, Inter Milan and study and Perry Milicic and Murillo is for his Chelsea signings began to make preparations. "Italian football," said Perry Milicic and Murillo were last summer came to Inter Milan, Inter Milan this season, but because it may not be the Champions League qualification, so they may leave the team to join the presence of the Premier League .

On the other hand, Inter Milan Juventus continued to compete with Lazio captain, Argentine international midfielder Bigeliya and Bigeliya broker has arrived in Rome. "Italian football," he said that with the arrival of the broker, Bigeliya should soon will put forward a transfer request. Lazio had to Bigeliya out of the annual salary of three million euros contract until 2020, but Italian media said they would be rejected Bigeliya, and more Bigeliya wanted to stay in Italy, Juventus or Inter Milan It will be his choice, but aspects of Lazio asking price is not low, about 35 million euros.

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