Pique audibles Madrid media: Shame! Manipulate the referee | Fig.


Barcelona last week's game with Sporting Gijon in the first half Pique goal line near the suspected handball after the game has also become the focus of media coverage. Madrid "ABC" in the game to hit the "Missing Pique handball referee" in the title, and said in the text that is a clear handball in the penalty area, the referee should be a penalty.

For such reports, Pique also through his Twitter fought back, he forwarded the "ABC" of the story, and responded by saying:? "You pass this way how to manipulate the referee this is simply a insult!"

This is not the first occurrence Pique conflict with the media, in Barcelona with the Valencia game, because in the 16th minute Pique handball and booked in the next game he almost once again eat the second yellow card, but the referee did not do so. After the game, a man named Pedro - Ramirez told reporters that Pique should eat a second yellow card and sent off. Peek through this his Twitter responded: "Why do not you say the first yellow card of this because you not interested, when you, as a reporter, please take off your shirt body?."

Earlier Periscope do live with Pique, the Spanish reporter Josep - Pedro Ruhr this behavior Pique criticized, and Pique also through his Twitter fought back. In addition, after obtaining the Club World Cup Barcelona, ​​Pique also tweeted expressed dissatisfaction with certain media, he was on his Twitter said that when Real Madrid won the World Club Cup, the media will give the entire Real Madrid cover, but also write "the world's best team," and when Barcelona win, they can send a tweet about the story pretty good.

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