Exposed Mourinho has officially announced the signing of Manchester United two weeks hold 300 million heavily

Van Gaal is in full swing, led by Manchester United to compete for the top four places, although in front of Manchester City and Arsenal have two wars, in terms of the race for the Red Devils Legion is not favorable, but at least the club up and down the armed Yongming, and is confident oath to advance to next season's Champions League.

However, for coach Louis van Gaal, he is currently working goal, perhaps just do the wedding dress for others, and that this put him "wedding", and will be his former disciple of Jose Mourinho.

Portuguese media exposure Mourinho and Manchester United have signed Portuguese media exposure Mourinho and Manchester United have signed
Portugal "Daily News" under exposed material, followed by "The Sun", "Daily Star" and "Mirror" and other British media have successively been tracking reports that British local time on April 23, that is, on Saturday Mourinho has already signed a contract at the club on offer! The paper said Manchester United club official will formally announce Mourinho took the news in the next two weeks. This and a number of British media coverage of the "Manchester United will officially announce Mourinho took office at the beginning of next month," the message in time exactly.

Portugal "Daily News" said that this means that Manchester United will be before the end of the season (May 15), ahead of the news announced the coaching change, and May 21 Manchester United against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup final, will be the norm Gard curtain call performance.

"Daily Express" said Mourinho will have overall control of Manchester United transfer power, he will provide the club for 300 million pounds heavily signings, Ibrahimovic, Renato - Sanchez and Stones Mourinho transfer list ranks the forefront of several players.

"Daily News" also revealed that Jose Mourinho in recent months has been to watch Manchester United, he was given the overall strength of the Manchester United team to make an assessment, and finished with Manchester United executives to discuss transfer policy only after final He made the decision to sign papers.

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