Barca 10 European genius Yaoxing oath dug next king?


Star-studded Barcelona club, La Masia youth academy is also an endless stream of contributions Nova, nevertheless, concerned about the outside Barcelona young stars never stopped. "Daily Sports Daily" on the exposure of the Barcelona club currently observed tracking of 10 young players, it is learned barca these European football hopefuls very optimistic, hoping they dug in several of the Barcelona squad.

"Daily Sport newspaper," pointed out that the introduction of players, Barca paid a high price. Barcelona has become a benchmark for world football, the last 10 years of European football's dominant, and as such, is not to prevent other clubs Barcelona dig, that his player's price very high standard. Therefore, the Barcelona club to Robert led the technology sector, began to comb the major European leagues, hoping to identify the development potential of the star. These players have not been anticipated parties, the price is not out of rational track.

Barca concern young players, the first one is Di Bala. Di Bala is expected to become a superstar, but in fact before he broke out at Juventus, Barcelona had been concerned about him. The 22-year-old Argentine player is one of the top players like Barcelona this season, Di Bala scored 20 goals, 8 assists, Messi Barca want to buy previously named Rudibala.

The second is the 18-year-old player Dembele, in fact, compared to Diba La Barca to introduce Dembele easier. In recent months, has more than once test Chadengbeilai Barcelona, ​​Barcelona club Rennes, negotiations have been very deeply. Dembele left wing of the contract breach gold 500 million euros, called the price of cabbage.

The third one is 19-year-old Sporting Gijon defender Meredith, Meredith attention barca been a long time, the players are young, but withstood the pressure of playing in La Liga, and the face of difficulties have been very calm.

Branagh is the fourth midfielder Gan, the 19-year-old young players have been on the field for Liverpool, but also a member of the England Under-20 national team.

The fifth is 19-year-old Dutch midfielder Ba Zuoer. Ba Zuoer Netherlands Star of Hope, through the Barcelona player himself revealed his interest, and expressed the hope that one day to play Barcelona. Barca believe Ba Zuoer have a bright future, but also need to continue to grow.

The sixth place is 22-year-old French defender Samuel - Umm Al Titi, who left defender can also play left back position, his speed and strength are strong, he was worth 15 million euros, a few days Barcelona top just before an inspection tour of the Lyon players.

Seventh is Wendell, Brazil left-back 22-year-old, his defense is very stable, and assists capacity, which is very important for Barcelona, ​​but he gave Leverkusen marked the high price of 35 million euros .

Eighth is Adrian - Marin, who currently plays for Villarreal two teams, 19-year-old Marin is left-back, and now he has become an important player in a team of Villarreal.

Ninth 19-year-old Dutch defender Reid Wald, he grew up in the Ajax youth training camp this season, Ajax has a firm foothold in October last year, Robert had the game in the Netherlands, the Czech team the study Reid Wald.

Tenth place is 20-year-old Dutch right winger El - Ghazi, also in the Netherlands barca game against the Czech Republic investigated him. Ghazi is now an important Ajax, Overmars is in charge of the club, he said Ghazi team is not for sale.

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