Barcelona decided to resell general! European giants Chelsea also want to ask price

Turkey's Besiktas club also joined the chase Weiermalun ranks. According to Spain, "Daily Sports Daily" reported that the Turkish club has with the people around Weiermalun were contacted in order to understand the player's own wishes. In addition, Besiktas also asked to Barcelona Weiermalun prices to open transfer negotiations.

Barcelona has made it clear the club will be pushed into the transfer market Weiermalun intention, but also began to listen to other clubs to offer players, but the final decision will be made Weiermalun himself.

For next season's Champions League matches, Besiktas hope to renovate the team's defense. Besiktas now ranked first in the Turkish league, we all believe that they can win the championship. If you win, then Besiktas will invest heavily in the transfer market, with the introduction of experienced foreign aid, and Virginia Mullen is one of their goals.

Belgian defender now invited more Premiership clubs. Weiermalun good reputation in the Premiership, it is learned, Chelsea and Liverpool wanted to introduce him, and the latest takeover battle is joined West Ham. But from an economic point of view, Besiktas contract is an attractive choice. Juventus Serie Weiermalun also interested, but "old woman" do not want to pay too much transfer fee for him.

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