Lead 147 days! Leicester convincing win it? Premier League for 24 years the first few rows


In the case of the three remaining Premiership, Leicester City Tottenham seven points ahead of second place, such a large lead, Leicester also means almost one hand has touched the championship. So the question is, dominant Leicester City this season in the end how strong? They and the Premiership champions in history compared to how strong rule of force there? These problems, we might be answered by the data.

Obviously, a team in the championship of the season, to lead longer, it also proves that the team when the season more dominant. Analysis of the Premiership this season, Leicester City, as of now, lead the standings of the number of days to 128 days, but the full seasons on, if Leicester City to win, then the end of the season ending, Foxtown will lead the Premier League for up 147 days. You know, the Premier League season, from the beginning to the end, less than 300 days. In other words, this season Leicester City ranked first in the standings a few days, more than half of the season.

So in the Premier League over the past 23 years, each branch of the number of days when the winning team lead the standings of the season, are at what level? "Daily Mail" conducted a statistical, ranked first in the list is Chelsea last season, he lead the standings for up to 274 days, the Blues almost from the beginning to the end of the season, did not give opponents behind any chance to catch up. Came in second place is the 1993/94 season, Manchester United, the Red Devils lead the season when the number of days to 262 days.

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