Views: Totti To honorably retired now is the best time

Totti subtle relationship with Rome, its future uncertain choices. Whether you choose to retire, continue to stay in Rome or go to other countries to play, Totti will be respected by the people. But director Roman Sabatini believes that now is the best for Totti retired time.

Contradictions time ago Totti and coach Luciano Spalletti let speculation Garnett afraid to be out of the club, to let him in Rome held management positions. But Totti believes he still has the ability to play, and the first few performance also proved this point, so the Italian media reported that Roma and Totti may be renewed for one year.

However, the club's director Sabatini made his views, he believed that this should be selected Totti retired: "Five years ago I said Totti Roman sun above the roof, and all the Romans because of his presence exists now is the same, it does not track the sun disappear. but I have to ask Totti, do you want most in your highest light when the peak end of his career, or to retire in the race you have no capacity situation? "

"He believes he can continue playing, which almost exclusively from his young heart and passion for football. Spalletti did not do anything wrong, and he came back to Totti, and achieved good results, as his coach did no controversy. "

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