Barcelona fans are angry! UEFA Champions League at home watching satirical Messi?


According to Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" reported that Macy become the object of ridicule UEFA. In the UEFA Champions League semi-trailer launch, Messi sat on the sofa to watch the game before the image appears, Barcelona fans believe that this is the only UEFA ridicule Macy front of the TV watching the semi-final .

In this called "game ready" in the Public Interest, the first clips UEFA Real Madrid and Manchester City after the game screen, it does not seem a problem, however, shot a turn, there was a Macy's in front of the TV Watch Champions League picture. This picture comes from a potato chip ads. Messi held up a bag of potato chips, ran a bunch of friends, with everyone eating potato chips, watch the game together.

"Daily Sport newspaper," criticized UEFA, "the daily sports newspaper" criticism UEFA
UEFA would like to take this both to promote their game, but also as sponsored advertising. If two separate screens to play, what problems are not, but if you combine it sparked controversy. On social networking sites, Barcelona and Lionel Messi fans bombarded the UEFA Champions League as well as the person in charge, think it is making fun of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona is the Champions League participant, so should never be mocked. Indeed UEFA had previously with Barcelona sudden friction, such as the Barcelona fans at the Nou Camp but had showed the symbol of Catalan independence flag and penalized.

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