Hang around nightclubs? Neymar hit back negative reports suspected: I do not change!

When the week in the Champions League was in full swing when Neymar are pitching in, with the "Daily Sports Daily" as saying that the Brazilians are busy updating their Instagram.

Neymar recently posted on his Instagram photo, photo wearing a black Brazilian, sitting against the wall, and wrote the following:. "God put armed, you will be from the devil's harassment." Neymar is a devout Christian, before the game he would pray God bless. For Neymar's move, "the daily sports newspaper," analysts say this may be a Neymar in the media to vent their dissatisfaction with his negative reports, there may be a fight to show their tax lawsuit.

Neymar recently did off the news constantly, since there is no competition week, Barca players have got two days' rest. And on Monday morning, Neymar British tabloid paparazzi photographed in Oxford Street, London Libertine club to participate in activities, and has been playing late into the night before leaving. Erosion Neymar off life let barca very unhappy, they obviously do not want to hang around to see Neymar at the club, not to mention the recent state court he could not find.

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