The strongest football Myth: Kaiser God and Hengda two European Cup team


miracle! Premiership this night ushered in a new king, Leicester! Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and other giants lined Premiership, Leicester City to create a dark horse to win the miracle, but before the season, they were just a mediocre fans regarded as relegation team. British media to Leicester City's win became the strongest myth. In the football world, this is not the first time played such a grass-roots team's counterattack miracles, and today we have to take stock of what those seemingly incredible football history, mythology but it actually happened.

Today, many fans will be compared to the English Premier League Leicester City FC Kaiserslautern, in fact, counter-attack Kaiserslautern myth perhaps Bilaisite city more incredible. In 1996, unfortunately from the Bundesliga Kaiserslautern down into the second division, followed by the legendary coach Rehhagel took over the team, 96/97 season, Kaiserslautern quickly return to the Bundesliga, and the next season 97/98 , miracles began.

Log on to the newly-promoted Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga season in the Bundesliga first round it will be overturned overlord Bayern 1-0, and then they got out of hand all the way leading up to and even beyond the Bayern 7 points. After the first two league last beat Wolfsburg, Kaiserslautern got ahead of a Bundesliga title. Kaiserslautern myth was born. Return to the top league in the first season, Kaiserslautern will get the championship, such signs are permanently recorded in the annals of football, to date,? People still amazed.

In 2011, China's Super Stadium in Guangzhou Hengda perfectly reproduce Kaiserslautern miracle. Then promoted to Super League's first season, Hengda beat Dalian Shide as a starting point to open a champion of the road. When the season, Hengda was maintained for 23 games unbeaten, we established a huge early lead. Season, Hengda eventually leading the second 15 points An Duoda country to become the undisputed dominant Super League champions. Not only that, but also the way to achieve a super Hengda five consecutive years, has become the new overlord of the letter.

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