Call Hiddink Ranieri even say thank trembling voice 5 Sound has tears?

After the success of Leicester City won the Premiership title this season, Blue Fox miracle largest contributor, "Tinker" Ranieri naturally become the focus of media attention around the world at this time, according to Hiddink after the game press release It was revealed that Ranieri called him a thank phone.

On Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham match press conference, Hiddink said in an interview: "Soon, in that after the final whistle," Judo "(ironically Tottenham player thrown at him in the tunnel) after a few minutes, I received a phone call from Ranieri. "then Hiddink revealed that the main contents of the phone:" he called and thanked us in the second half to do (Tottenham equalized), while I also crowned Premiership champions and presented him with congratulations. "

Then Hiddink said he and Ranieri talking Italian mood is very excited: "I did not see whether he was out of tears, because we are not a video call, but his voice was shaking, he did not say too much words, but even that five 'Thank you'. "

Hiddink won the final against Leicester City congratulated: "Leicester worthy champion, perhaps many people have expected that they can win, but for those who already went from being a wealthy remains a huge impact, they not only did it have an excellent play in the second half, and adhere to the teeth all the way to the end, from start to finish, have maintained a very relaxed state of mind, I think this is the reason they deserve to win. "

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