"Mirror": Tottenham winger intentionally World Cup


It is reported that Tottenham intends to Xu Earle back to the Premier League.

Winger Xu Earle 1 year from Chelsea switch to Wolfsburg, but he was not sure of the future in Wolfsburg.

Xu Earle Wolfsburg coach Dieter - black gold hands is not happy, he wants to move in the summer.

Not only is Xu Earle, his fiancee is also eager to leave Wolfsburg.

Xu Earle potential to become Tottenham's transfer under the house, the 2014 World Cup winner and his agent has begun talks with Tottenham and Wolfsburg transfer issues.

Tottenham plan to continue reinforcing the lineup, especially next season they will return to the Champions League.

To Tottenham star striker Kane to create more opportunities, Bocelli will consider signing Tino Xu Earle.

But are trying to compete for the Premiership title Tottenham transfer target is difficult to find a favorite, especially his willingness to become Kane's bench.

Xu Earle 38 appearances for the club this season, scoring 9 goals plus seven assists. He specializes in activities outside of the area and to create opportunities for teammates to score.

Xu Earle at the club three times the average starter scored a goal while he played for the German national team 50 times, scoring 20 goals.

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