Atletico Madrid two years throughout Europe quickly overcome the Champions League final to Real Madrid looking for revenge?


Atletico and into the Champions League final! Semi-final second leg, 1-2 defeat away to Bayern sheets Legion, a total score of 2-2, but the away goal advantage eliminated Bundesliga giant. European championship 2013-14 season, the club again towards history, Block 1 Champions League attack.

Atletico, they had nearly half a century of Bayern hate. 42 years ago, Atletico into the Champions League final for the first time, the opponent is Bayern. Heysel in Belgium, the two teams into a civil war in 120 minutes at 1-1, had to fix a day replay. Replay, Atletico Madrid 0-4 defeat, Hoeness and Gerd - Mueller scored twice, respectively, when the Bayern Beckenbauer, Gerd - Mueller and other football giants Atletico Madrid it? There Aragones. Allianz Arena tonight, Atletico fans shouting the name of Luis Aragones, who passed away two years ago, legend, witnessed in heaven Atletico revenge.

Chelsea 2013-14 season, Simeone first Atletico Madrid Champions League campaign with a 1/8 finals eliminated AC Milan, 1/4 final will be kicked out of Barcelona, ​​Mourinho's semi-final encounter, Atletico Simeone two rounds 3- 1 Handicap madman convinced. Finals of the Madrid derby, Atletico's lead lasted until 92 minutes and 48 seconds, Ramos headed the equalizer, when the game into overtime, Atletico Madrid 1-4 final defeat, losing a championship again. Champions League quarter-finals last season, Atletico Madrid again was lore, lost 0-1 two rounds, staged the same death plot.

This year, through a big shake Atletico, Courtois, Miranda, Diego - Costa, Turan, Manzu Keech had left, Felipe came back, but Atletico still soul in. Gerry Postman, Cork, Godin, Aube Mubarak, Jimenez, Juanfran, Gabi, Torres led the lineup is not the class of Atletico Madrid, played superb results. Champions League 2015-16 season, there have been PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich became Atletico sword spirits.

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