Klopp call Anfield Dragon! Red glass slide it roar!


Anfield, a magical venue. Here, numerous miracles happened, and now, Reds boss Klopp hopes here powerful gas field, to help the team forward again very close.

Beijing tonight, tomorrow morning (03:05), the European Cup semi-final second leg will be started at Anfield, Liverpool's game against Villarreal, the first leg of the last-minute clean sheet, so that the Red Army in the 0 to 1 backwardness but Klopp believes that back home, the atmosphere will be completely different.

"I do not know much about their Anfield," Klopp said. "But if you do not celebrate a last-minute goal, then there must be something wrong, but my impression is deeper, my colleagues (Billy Alec Yar coach Marcelino) said after the game, 1-0 is a result of his dreams. "

"We still feel good, which is now the case, now only half, I do not think we have cut, but I do not think we're out of the game, is the case."

"It's not that I always look forward to the Liverpool fans here and bring miracles, but we can feel the atmosphere here is extraordinary how influential. This week Merseyside good weather, everyone mood well, I do not want to exaggerate, but the game, the entire world will participate in Liverpool, everyone will see. "

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