Real Madrid stormed the record! 14 times qualify for the finals of the European despots disdain

Real Madrid did it! Zidane under coach Galacticos after a lapse of two years to return to the Champions League final!

Home to face English Premier League club Manchester City, Real Madrid proactive, relying on Bell made an own goal in the first half, took the lead through the final 90 minutes of fierce battle, the cut Real Madrid, both after 2014 and again reached the Champions League final.

Real Madrid qualify for the Champions League final number of 14 times qualify for the Champions League final to Real Madrid number 14 times
This is the history of Real Madrid 14 times qualify for the Champions League final, the final cut is the largest number of teams in the Champions League history, worthy of Real Madrid called the king of the Champions League final. Second place is AC Milan, their history finals 11 times, winning seven times. Bayern have scored over 10 finals, winning five titles. If counting from the restructuring since the Champions League, Real Madrid has the 5th qualify for the Champions League final, Real Madrid had won all four times. If the war in Europe Historically, Real Madrid has 18 times qualify for the finals, which also tied the record of Barcelona.

Arsenal tied the record equaled Arsenal's record
Real Madrid on the defensive end also some bright spots this season, the Champions League, Real Madrid have 10 games to maintain zero closure, tying the 2005-06 season, Arsenal created a record of zero closure. Champions League history, Real Madrid, Manchester United tied the record of zero closure, tied for most screening zero seal team, a total of 84 games without a clean sheet. Barcelona ranked third, a total of 83 games without a clean sheet.

May 28 Champions League final, the Italian city of Milan, Real Madrid will face city rivals Atletico Madrid.

History of Real Madrid 13 Champions League finals:

May 24, 2014, Lisbon, Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid

May 15, 2002, Glasgow, Leverkusen 1-2 Real Madrid

May 24, 2000, Paris, Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia

May 20, 1998, Amsterdam, Juventus 0-1 Real Madrid

May 27, 1981, Paris, Liverpool 1-0 Real Madrid

May 11, 1966, Brussels, Partizan 1-2 Real Madrid

May 27, 1964, Vienna, Inter Milan 3-1 Real Madrid

May 2, 1962, Amsterdam, Benfica 5-3 Real Madrid

May 18, 1960, Glasgow, Frankfurt 3-7 Real Madrid

June 3, 1959, Stuttgart, Reims 0-2 Real Madrid

May 28, 1958, Brussels, Milan, Madrid 3-2AC

May 30, 1957, Madrid, Real Madrid 2-0 in Florence

May 18, 1956, Paris, Reims 4-3 Real Madrid

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