Bundesliga 33 Official Preview: Bayern want to use for the four consecutive Champions League healing

WWI smoke has not yet casual weekend Bundesliga renewed war: the last round failed to win Borussia Bayern, perhaps this will not relent, they need the Champions League title to heal; that while we breathe, recounts capacity Shaoxie, the title race is still expected "Hornet" may continue recent goal feast; Hamburg VS Wolfsburg, "difficult to see hard brother brother, who you're welcome," the bayonet it; "Mr. Muscle" can block the pharmaceutical Borussia home an unprecedented eight straight league single-season? Official website Bundesliga Bundesliga round brought forward.

Ingolstadt VS Bayern Munich (at 21:30 on May 7)

Bayern win as long as the field, they will achieve an unprecedented four consecutive Bundesliga Albert. Even if the tie, for obvious goal difference (lead 11), Bayern has been largely determined to win. Bundesliga giants just brutally in midweek Champions League semi-final elimination, need a new medicine to soothe hurt Bayern soldiers this weekend is bound to regain confidence, toward their 25th Bundesliga crown to complete the final conquest. Not surprisingly, then, Bayern will probably get it. Ingolstadt also promoted a home in the last hope of the season, in order to offer the fans an exciting season curtain call. For this task ahead of relegation in the Bundesliga new army, they have been able to wanton celebration, which is part of a small club of "too proud Horseshoe disease"!

Frankfurt VS Dortmund (at 21:30 on May 7)

Dott Dott away away to Frankfurt Frankfurt
Last season's Bundesliga home, deep relegation zone Jiqiu one win in Frankfurt have to usher in "prickly" and "Hornet." Sleeping almost the entire season in Frankfurt recently seemed to wake up, successive victory over Mainz and Darmstadt, reproduce relegation dawn in front of two derby. But in the case of the two remaining league, currently only occupy the relegation playoff seats Frankfurt is still a safe area points behind the team.

To those who is not a good crop, in the final round direct "singled out" before Bremen, Frankfurt to face in the last 11 goals in three games whirling, fierce and Dortmund. Just hope the surviving champion line, recounts capacity Shaoxie "Hornet" will certainly be full attack! Do not forget their team also has a top scorer with two goals Levante only gap in urgent need of "tonic" and "Stinger" - Aubameyang.

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